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2 Years and a Bit.

That’s the average lifespan of a rat. And of a smartphone.
Every 2 years or so, a smartphone, in perfectly good shape, is abandoned by its owner.
For a shiny new thing and an excuse of an upgrade. Two years down, and the whole sad cycle repeats.
No more.

We at Blynk have
your new phone.

We at Blynk have re-imagined your new phone.
And what we see in your hand this time is a phone you’ve long wanted, at a price so smart, you will wonder if it’s legal. (Of course it is. We check).

A phone in perfect working condition. And with years of life left. (We check it 50 times, to be really, totally sure.)

And backed by the best warranty in the business.

And the best part?

It’s not just a smarter way to change your phone, it’s a more responsible, caring way.
A way that says ENOUGH to mindless waste, and to destroying the planet a bit more with every new phone you slavishly buy.
With Blynk, green isn’t just good, it’s smart, too